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the social network for young artists


We have been working for more than a year to provide you with an online social network made by artists for young and emerging artists. This is our first version, our beta, our prototype, our artist’s proof…

It is our first step towards a much larger vision. We have the strong belief that ArtisTank can help artists feel less isolated in their practice, extend their network of peers and hence make their art much richer and their life much easier. We think ArtisTank can become the 21st century online salon; a cosy place where artists are the centre of attention, discussion and feedback… A place where artistic talent no longer needs to bang against the wall but can finally start to break through or simply open the door and to flow…

ArtisTank is much more than just an online tool; it is a community. By being part of the ArtisTank community you will be able to participate in our networking events, group exhibitions and catalogue. ArtisTank is a free tool, because we think artists should focus on what they do best and what we all need the most: ART!

We hope you will enjoy it.

Connect & exchange with your peers

Log on to ArtisTank and find the artists you know, then freely share with them whatever you want: your art, your worries, your inspiration, your questions, your tips, your comments, your feedback, your agenda, your events, your music…

You can also invite conversation: What do you think of my last art work? Where can I find an affordable studio? Is somebody looking to share a studio? Anybody up for a group exhibition? Going for a residency in Berlin, any tips? What do you think about the current exhibition at Somerset House? Is there one art fair I should attend this year? I want to use 360° video for my art, does anybody know anything about it?
This place is for you and peers, so make the most of it...


Be informed & promote your art

We do not want to be like other networks where you are invaded by inadequate content and bombarded with advertising. We give you the choice of what you want to read of the content that ArtisTank curates for you: open calls, offers dedicated to young artists, residencies, studios, exhibition spaces, grants, jobs and other opportunities…

You can also share any of your information or events with your peers. And, if the information is worth sharing more globally, ArtisTank can share it on your behalf with the whole community.

Finally, by being part of the ArtisTank community, you will be informed of our monthly networking gatherings where artists socialise and share thoughts and feedback. You will also get updated about – or request to participate in – the group exhibitions we organise every quarter.


Expand your network & be inspired

It would be a shame not to use our tool to help you expand your network. Browse our artists by selecting a few search criteria and find artists you want to meet! Perhaps you want to meet a spontaneous playful abstract painter in the UK, or maybe you prefer an innovative creator working with digital technology, a French graphic designer with a passion for writing, a dark and intense fashion designer or a socially engaged street artist? We have created a unique way for you to search for other artists you would like to meet, a tool that we have not seen anywhere else before.

We also think that it is important for you to have total control over who is in your circle of peers. That is why we give you the ability to request a peer to join your circle but also to accept or refuse to be part of another artist’s circle. ArtisTank is a platform for you and the artists you trust; it is that simple.

Artworks shared

Because ArtisTank gathers together young and emerging artists it means that you can share amazing artwork. We want the platform to be as free as possible but also as close as you wish to your own world and the way you want to share it. However, ArtisTank wants to be selective, that is why our platform is by invite only – so we can make sure that the artists on the platform are the most talented and the most dedicated to their art. We are voluntarily restricting access to young and emerging artists; only the artists we think deserve the slogan “catch them while you can”.

Take a look below and join to share your artwork and receive feedback from our fast-growing community of artists.


Our Artists


With Chinese ink. Viriyah Edger Karet, draws architectural landscapes where the concrete faces nature force. He tells about the ecological stack of our times, in this world in which human is left apart, In his drawings appear the story of the dangers that we can already forsee, of our weaknesses the story of the dangers that we can already foresee, of our weaknesses and of our fears, And in the middle of all that, the strength of the drawing is what is permanent.


Jack was born in Norfolk, UK, in 1987 and currently lives and works in London. Before studying Fine Art at Masters level at the City and Guilds of London Art School, he graduated with a degree in architecture from The Bartlett, UCL, and then worked in architecture. His current work reconciles his passion for painting, and preoccupation with the human form, with his interest in architecture and takes the form of large oil paintings depicting figures distorted and abstracted within architectural space.


Xiao-yang Li’s works are mostly concerned with the representation of human bodies. She is particularly fascinated by statues from antiquity and by the process of transformation from the sculptural to the pictorial. As a result, the majority of her recent works have evolved from studies of small clay figures she made herself. The paintings seek to embrace human forms in their most primitive and transcendental moment. Art history plays an important role in her work; it provides the best framework for all production and it is the guiding force behind matters of composition, colour, and methods of expression. Most of her current works were produced with a look at ancient art and with a firm nod to German Expressionism. Her immediate artistic influences are European masters such as Per Kirkeby, Emil Nolde, Markus Lupertz, Matisse, El Greco, Tintoretto and Picasso, amongst others.


We think a good way to promote the most talented young and emerging artists in our community is for them to be selected by our experts to feature in our catalogue. Our first version is out. In it we present 21 young and emerging artists who have been selected as among the most talented working today.

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